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The Lugn Acoustic Cube is a playful ceiling-mounted acoustic cube that provides both a decorative and acoustic touch. It can be wired to the ceiling to reduce the noise in your spaces.

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The main advantage of choosing an acoustic panel from the LUGN range is the removable finish. When the fabric of your panel is old or damaged, you don’t have to change the entire panel! Thanks to the zip system, you can renew your fabric finish very easily.

Numerous possibilities
to dress up your spaces

The fabrics used in the design of our products combine aesthetics, functionality, comfort and performance. Hush, Twist or Twist Melange fabrics, discover many colors to dress your spaces.


Colours in stock: fast production time


Colours in stock: fast production time


Colours in stock: fast production time

Do you have any needs?
We have tailor-made ACOUSTIC solutions.

We offer you custom-made acoustic cubes according to your needs and requirements. Dimensions, hanging system, colours… a set of elements that can be customised to best suit your space.

Customized dimensions

We make your cubes to the requested dimensions.

Fixation according to your surfaces

You have a restriction for the fixing of the panels? We offer you a personalized solution.

Colors available out of stock

If you are not satisfied with our stock offer, other colors are available. You can also choose an out of range fabric (if compatible).

THE Acoustic,
a history of know-how

The role played by acoustic cubes in workspaces is essential to provide comfort. These areas require optimal acoustic comfort.

Our acoustic cubes are specially designed to reduce sound reverberation (αw = 1) and parasitic noise in your workspaces as much as possible.

In addition to the design of your spaces, myO offers you real acoustic expertise. We make a personalised recommendation for your project before entrusting the installation of the products to a network of qualified partners.

All our solutions are tested in an independent, accredited testing laboratory, demonstrating their acoustic reliability.

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they have equipped
their professional spaces

Like our customers, offer your employees comfortable spaces. Wall-mounted or suspended… discover the configurations of the acoustic cubes that our customers have chosen for their workplace.

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