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Acoustic & visual comfort
for professional spaces

Acoustic correction

the heart of our expertise


We manufacture decorative and efficient acoustic solutions made to transform spaces into a quiet and comfortable place, such as offices, nurseries, restaurants…

Quality acoustic solutions

Designed by our R&D department, our acoustic solutions are tested in independent laboratories. The raw materials are selected depending of their environmental quality and the products are manufactured and assembled thanks to the unique know-how of our teams…

A concentration of expertise that ensures acoustic comfort and optimal quality.

Our acoustic solutions

Correct noise efficiently

We manufacture decorative and efficient acoustic solutions capable of transforming your spaces into a calm and serene place.

Acoustic panels, decorative panels, office dividers, lighting, ceiling

suspension kino

Acoustic performance video

Check out our Wooow box!
Enter the box, speak, then rotate the door to the acoustic panel side… and hear the difference!

Meeting Box

Have a break in an acoustic booth designed for privacy

Breathe fresh air

Double air flow ventilation system with speed control

Variable light intensity

LED down lighting with dimmer switch

meeting duo

Stay connected

Multiple connections

Make yourself comfortable

Perfect for phone calls, meetings or interviews


Our values

Today, the diversity, safety, comfort and versatility of workplaces represent a real challenge.

The myO brand designs technical, decorative, easy-to-install and environmentally friendly products.

Solutions designed to bring comfort and well-being to professional spaces.

Make an eco-friendly choice by choosing MYO, a naturally sustainable brand.

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