The LUGN triangle and circle acoustic panel

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panneaux acoustiques ronds superposés LUGN myOpenspaceThe range of LUGN rectangular acoustic panels now boasts two additional shapes – the circle and the triangle, to give a greater range of possibilities for acoustic decoration in shared spaces. These new formats on LUGN panel offer guaranteed acoustic performance, certified by independent laboratory testing (test report available on request).

The LUGN circle acoustic panel is made from a wooden frame and comes in three sizes. Whether attached to the wall or suspended from the ceiling, and with or without inbuilt lighting, these circles can be stacked on top of each other (method subject to assessment).

The LUGN triangle acoustic panel is composed of a steel frame with a fabric covering and comes in two sizes. These triangles can be wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling and each triangle can be combined with another triangle (flush fitting) or with LUGN rectangular acoustic panels to create original shapes.

Focus on artistic decoration in daycare centres, nurseries and schools…round circle acoustic panel LUGN with truck stickers

Are you looking to use acoustic panels to suggest a playful scenario?

Now you can, by experimenting with LUGN shapes: rectangles, circles and triangles decorated with stickers.

Be a source of ideas and make your offer stand out!rectangular acoustic panel LUGN with truck stickers

Panneaux acoustique crèche myOpenspace


Discover the benefits of acoustic panels at school

LUGN acoustic panel on video

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