Want to verify the efficiency of our myO acoustic solutions ?

Enter our virtual Wooow BOX to discover the benefits! Through two videos, you will see (and especially hear!) the performance of myO acoustic solutions Wooow box - efficacité des panneaux acoustiques myO - myOpenspace - Wooow box

What is the Wooow BOX?

Like many people, do you have doubts about the performance of acoustic solutions? Do you find it difficult to imagine their effects in a room? This is why we created a demonstration tool that we called the “Wooow BOX”. We have recreated a so-called “reverberant” space, composed of 4 hard surfaces on which the noise will bounce. In these videos, discover the beneficial effects of our myO acoustic products through a staging with and without acoustic correction.

Test with our myO acoustic panels

Turn up the volume and hear the difference before and after acoustic treatment with our myO panels. Ready to be Woowed?
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Test with our acoustic totem LUGN

Do you know how effective LUGN acoustic panels and QUIETO acoustic panels are, but you don’t have the space to hang them up? We are going to show you, still with the “Wooow BOX”, that the LUGN acoustic totem is an equally effective solution to suppress the reverberation of sound in a room.

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Wooow! convinced?  

Do not hesitate to discover and compare all our acoustic solutions through our website. Decorative and customizable, each of our products meets specific needs: acoustic treatment, space structuring, space creation or custom solutions. Let us help you find the most suitable solution. 

Would you like to discover all our myO acoustic products in one of our showrooms and enter our Wooow BOX?

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