Structuring your spaces becomes child’s play
Discover the UNO screen, our new space structuring solution.

UNO screen

Acoustic and removable

Complementary to the DUO 360, the UNO screen completes the range of nomadic acoustic objects.

It is a new space structuring and acoustic correction solution to easily fit out your spaces.

Light and mobile, the screen can be easily positioned and moved to follow your needs.

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ecran uno

DUO 360 rotating screens

Acoustic and removable

Whether trapezoidal or rectangular shape, the DUO 360 works in identical pairs settled on the same base. The screens rotate on themselves to create modular areas of privacy in open areas.

Open or closed, you can place your rotating screens according to your needs.

UNO and DUO 360 screens,

examples of configurations

Discover some examples of configurations with UNO and DUO 360 screens to make your spaces flexibles.

UNO and DUO 360 screens,

a privacy solution

The UNO screen fulfil the DUO 360 by offering an identical design: cover and fluorescent zip! It consists of a large, single and fixed panel, ideal to create privacy zones.

To set up or move easily, structure your professional spaces as you wish:

– Dedicate an area for a team meeting

– Provide flexibility

-Define a relaxation area

– Create a circulation zone

On the aesthetic side, it is available in 7 timeless or more vibrant colors in a Twist blend fabric.

The fluorescent ZIP (yellow or orange) closes the cover in an elegant and modern way.

The screen will easily adapt to all types of decoration.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

UNO and DUO 360 screens,

privacy and silence

On the performance side, the UNO and DUO 360 screen offers a high level of acoustic correction. The screen structures your spaces but also reduces the reverberation of sound in your spaces.

Thanks to the absorbing material placed under the cover, the screen offers you pleasant discussions, quiet break, and moments of privacy.

For an optimal result, we guide you on the correct fit out and installation of these products in your rooms.

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