panneau quieto

The Quieto universe is expanding to make room for a new object: the frameless acoustic panel. Thanks to its acoustic, aesthetic and functional advantages, the Quieto panel enhances your spaces.

Complementary to the petals kit

The Quieto panel completes the Quieto petals kit with new shapes. Rectangular or round panels will be added to the Quieto petals to enhance your spaces.

Without visible frame with a surface softened by a slight relief, the Quieto panel brings new life to your ceilings. Like the petals kit, the Quieto panel is available in 3 finishes, and 63 colors.

Certified acoustics

An open space that resonates? Conversations intertwined in your offices? The Quieto panel significantly reduces the echo in your rooms.

Tested in the laboratory with a certified performance αw = 1, this panel brings you all the necessary comfort in your workspaces.

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