myO certifies you of acoustic well-being through a wide selection of products, tested in the laboratory, to ensure you a comfortable environment.

Kinô products

Kinô Acoustic Suspension

Self-supporting, the acoustic screen installs and moves according to your environment to correct the noise.

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Kinô Acoustic Totem

With or without a lighting system, the free-standing acoustic totem corrects the noise in your room. 

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Kinô Acoustic Screen

Self-supporting, the acoustic screen installs and moves according to your environment to correct the noise

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Kinô Divider Desk

The divider sits or hangs on a desk to allow everyone to have their own space.

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Kinô Zone Divider

Lightweight and easy to install, the Kinô zone divider comes in several configurations. An effective barrier against sound reverberation.

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Lugn Products

Lugn Acoustic Panel

The acoustic panel allows you to customize your professional spaces without limits and correct the noise.

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Lugn Acoustic Cube

A playful solution to correct noise in your spaces. The cube is ideal for a dynamic environment such as schools, crèches or parties.

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Lugn Acoustic Totem

Placed and moved according to your desires, the acoustic totem is a nomadic object easy to set up.

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Lugn DUO 360 Screen

Whether in trapeze or rectangle, the DUO 360 swivel screens dress up your spaces while providing real acoustic comfort.

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Lugn UNO Screen

Free-standing and mobile, the UNO acoustic screen installs and moves to the rhythm of your environment.

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Quieto Products

Quieto Acoustic Panel

Suspended in rectangular or round form, the Quieto panel will embellish your space while providing acoustic correction.

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Quieto Acoustic Panel (with frame)

Attached to the wall or ceiling, the Quieto painting decorates and personalizes your spaces. A must-have in the range available in several versions.

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Quieto Acoustic Tile

Placed in the blink of an eye, the acoustic ceiling is 20 or 50 mm thick. The slabs are simply positioned as substitutes for a traditional slab.

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Quieto Petals Kit

With its aerial design, the Quieto Three Petal Kit is ideal for bringing lightness and instantly improve acoustic comfort in your spaces.

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Movable Screen

Movable Standard or Acoustic screen

The movable screen offer both auditory and visual comfort. Mobile, they allow you to create privacy zones in your workspaces.

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Box Products

Phone Box

The Phone Box: a space based on the codes of our old telephone booths to offer a moment of privacy.

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Meeting Box

The Meeting Box is a work space or relaxation resolutely contemporary to accommodate 2 to 5 people in complete confidentiality.

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