Totem Kino

The Kinô universe is expanding to make room for a new object: the acoustic totem. Thanks to its acoustic, aesthetic and functional advantages, the Kinô totem transforms your spaces.

Acoustics first

The Kinô totem is a new solution recently arrived in the range of acoustic objects. Composed of polyester panels, the totem coating is designed to improve your comfort by offering very good acoustic performance.

A meeting room that resonates? Loud conversations in openspace? The Kinô totem adapts to all spaces thanks to its free installation. An acoustic decorative object that you will not be able to do without.

totem kino

Elegance and simplicity

Acoustic yes, but also decorative! With its trendy covering and 2 timeless colors, the totem combines sobriety and design to enhance your workspaces.

To vary the decor, the totem is available in two heights (860 and 1560mm). The 1560mm version is available in tulip or cylinder format.

Dark gray, light gray, small, large, tulip or cylinder, the choice is yours!

A source of light

The Kinô totem offers a very valuable option for your professional spaces: a lighting solution that integrates with the totem, at your request, to make it even more functional.

With its dimmable lighting system, it is a perfect light source to modulate the atmosphere of your rooms. You can vary the light intensity in a gesture, and give your rooms the desired atmosphere.

A nomadic product

Simplicity. This is the key word of this acoustic totem.

This portable product is ideal in spaces requiring a certain flexibility. It is an object easy to put down and to rest, because of its lightness. A modification of your layouts? Move the totem pole to the right place according to your needs.

If the totem is easy to install, it is also very easy to assemble. In a few minutes and without tools, just assemble the polyester slats on its wooden base for a finished product.

The Kinô totem enters the range with many advantages in its pocket. Acoustic, elegant, functional and nomadic, it will quickly become essential in your spaces.

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