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Acoustics recommendation

The tool for defining the right response to acoustic needs.

Download the acoustic recommendation

Carrying out your acoustic studies

The myO acoustic recommendation is based on the notions of absorption coefficient, absorption area and reverberation time to calculate the best possible solution. 

With the help of an acoustician, we designed a tool for estimating the number of products to be installed according to the characteristics of the space concerned.

Thanks to this document, you can easily recommend the right solutions to achieve an acoustic objective.

This document is exclusively reserved for the recommendation of MYO acoustic products.

Download the acoustic recommendation

How to use the Acoustic Recommendation?

1. Part definition

I enter the size and materials of the part to be treated.

2. I choose my solutions 

I choose the products that best correspond to my needs and my decorating desires, and I enter them in the document to achieve my goal.

3. Result

The acoustic recommendation automatically calculates the reverberation time after your space has been fitted out. If you're happy with the estimate, you can pass this document on to your sales representative for production and implementation of your solution.

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