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8 apps to improve quality of life at work

Alexandre Dezitter

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Quality of life at work week starts on June 17. A subject that is more than ever at the center of concerns, as evidenced by the #QVT hashatg, which is reaching record popularity on social networks. Layout of professional spaces, reorganization of working hours and modes, training … The business world today understands that to increase employee productivity and recruit new talent, it is essential to provide an optimal quality of working life experience. To improve employees’ daily lives, applications have been developed in a number of areas. Health, personal development, communication… Discover the 8 apps that caught our attention.

Facilitate interaction between employees

25% of French employees say they often feel isolated.

The rise of open spaces and connected tools could lead us to believe that inter-employee communication is good. But the reality is far from that. According to the Paris Workplace barometer, carried out by Société Foncière Lyonnaise (SFL) and Ifop, a quarter of French employees say they often feel isolated. We have selected 3 applications to address this reality:

#1. Zest

Encouraging employees to speak up and engage in dialogue within the company is a key factor in promoting well-being in the workplace. Idea box, mood of the day, difficulties encountered, mutual aid network, exchanges with managersZest is positioned with a view to improving the way we work. internal communication” factor in quality of life at work.

  • The goal? Engage your employees, give them a voice and measure their well-being within the company.
  • How? Through a platform for free exchange between the various players in the company.
  • The cost? From €3 to €7/month/employee

#2. Comeet

Putting people and social ties back at the heart of the company. A phrase that perfectly defines the usefulness of the CoMeet application, which has already won over many customers.

  • The goal? Meet colleagues with whom we don’t have the opportunity to talk, but also other professionals in the area.
  • How? By creating or integrating communities that bring people together around chosen activities: lunch, walking, afterwork… Numerous outings are available on the platform.
  • The cost? Free for all users.

#3. Monchaperon

48% of employees surveyed complain about commuting conditions

The daily commute to work by public transport can quickly become tedious, even dangerous. Bad encounters happen. This is where Monchaperon, the co-pedestrian community, comes in.

  • The goal? Enjoy a more pleasant, user-friendly and safer journey.
  • How? By sharing it with colleagues living in the same city. This makes the journey more pleasant and safer for everyone.
  • The cost? Customized offer

Challenging teams

There’s nothing like a challenge to unite your employees and create commitment! Challenging oneself makes employees feel valued and helps them set goals for success. Two excellent levers for improving general well-being and, more specifically, quality of life at work.

#4. Kiplin

Between isolation and a sedentary lifestyle, office work comes out on top. Two key factors in the quality of working life barometer. We know that committed employees are happy employees, and Kiplin has understood this with an app that lets employees challenge each other in teams through long- or short-term challenges. Travel Route 66, climb Mount Fuji … simply by completing daily physical activity challenges.

  • The goal? Give your employees a taste for movement and cohesion.
  • How? Through sporting and fun challenges between teams. On the program: walking, cycling, selfie contest and health quiz.
  • The cost? Not known

#5. Squadeasy

Squadeasy‘s primary objective is to combat sedentary lifestyles on a daily basis. The main challenge of this app is to cover as many kilometers as possible: cycling, walking, running… any way you can to challenge yourself as a team.

  • The goal? Engage 100% of your employees around physical activity and team spirit.
  • How? Through sporting and fun challenges between teams.
  • The cost? Free for private users, not known for companies
71% of companies say they are concerned about the increase in stress, but only 32% of HR managers have yet set up a system to combat it. Stanford studies

#6. Smart coaching

Smartcoaching offers a collection of applications designed for the personal and professional development of your employees. Stress management, meditation, management, public speaking… Many areas are covered in the form of coaching.

  • The goal? Offer your employees fun tools to improve, manage and increase their productivity on a daily basis.
  • How? Thanks to mini-training sessions lasting 15 minutes a day, accessible via fun, easy-to-use applications.
  • The cost? Customized offer

#7. Ozen

…or how to learn to relax by playing! It’s a great idea straight out of Ubisoft. Ozen combines several advantages: a gamerdesign-oriented interface, a connected sensor that collects your data in real time, fun exercises…

  • The goal? Make learning to relax and breathe fun for your employees’ well-being.
  • How? Thanks to a connected sensor and fun exercises.
  • The cost? 99€ for the sensor, free app available on ios
79% of French people find it difficult to follow conversations at work because of office noise. IFOP-JNA survey conducted in 2016

The importance of acoustic comfort to quality of life in the workplace is well established. With the growth in the number of open-plan workspaces, numerous studies and initiatives have been carried out to raise companies’ awareness in this area.

#8. WatchOs 6 – Noise

A new addition to the Apple universe, the Noise app is now available for the Apple Watch. A tool for measuring ambient noise, wherever you are. The ideal app for an initial assessment of the noise present in your premises. The beta version is now available, with a final version scheduled for this autumn.

  • The aim? Detect the acoustic level of your workspaces, for an initial assessment of ambient noise.
  • How? Thanks to the Apple Watch’s built-in microphone and noise measurement software.
  • The cost? Apple Watch update

These 8 applications offer you many ways of improving the quality of life at work for your employees. To recruit the best talent, improve productivity, establish a spirit of cohesion, engage employees… It’s more than necessary to work on this subject today to get the best out of your employees.


#9. MyDesignOffice

MyDesignOffice is not a mobile application, but a digital solution to help you design your QWL spaces.

  • The goal? Significant savings and the possibility of ordering equipment and decor online. With furniture made in France and solutions dedicated to QWL (acoustics, lighting) to reinforce CSR.
  • How? By digitizing the service with a website module.
  • The cost? From €499.

Alexandre Dezitter

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